Cox proportional regression analysis for the association between annual (2010) mean concentrations of particulate matter with a 50% cut-off aerodynamic diameter ≤2.5 μm (PM2.5) exposure and risk of mortality or transplantation: complete dataset for survival analysis#

Hazard ratio (95% CI)p-value
Crude model2.68 (1.11–6.47)0.028
Primary adjusted model+2.74 (1.06–7.05)0.037
Further adjusted model§4.38 (1.44–13.36)0.009

Hazard ratios per 3 μg·m−3 increase of PM2.5 exposure. #: complete dataset with no missing data for the variables we adjusted for in the main (survival analysis) models (n=286): due to exclusion criteria related to survival analysis, i.e. prevalent patients who were diagnosed >10 years before study entry (n=16) and cases who left before the study initiation (n=2), the final models comprised of 268 (40 death/transplanted) cases; : model stratified by centre; +: model adjusted for age, sex, World Health Organization functional class, stratified by centre; §: model adjusted for centre, age, sex, deprivation, income, education, smoking, incident/prevalent, emphysema, European Respiratory Society/European Society of Cardiology risk category and BMPR2 mutation, stratified by centre.