Unanswered questions to be addressed by the worldwide assessment of separation of patients from ventilatory assistance (WEAN SAFE) study

1What is the frequency of delayed weaning from IMV?
2What current approaches are taken to wean patients from IMV?
3What factors are used to determine when patients are in the weaning phase?
4What are the barriers to effective weaning from IMV?
5What are the factors (patient, institutional, medical practice) that contribute to failed attempts to wean from IMV?
6What is the impact of sedation management on weaning from IMV?
7What is the impact of pre-morbid conditions and of frailty on weaning from IMV?
8What is the utility of existing classifications for weaning from IMV?
9What is the impact of early versus delayed and/or failed weaning from IMV?
10What is the role of noninvasive ventilation in the weaning process?
11What regional or geo-economic differences exist regarding weaning from IMV?
12What is the therapeutic resource use in patients with delayed weaning from IMV?

IMV: invasive mechanical ventilation.