Most frequent diseases out of the range of Charlson Comorbidity Index comorbid conditions in bronchiectasis and matched control patients#

ICD-10 GM codeDescriptionBronchiectasis patientsMatched controlsp-value
J44.-COPD128 (55.4)246 (35.9)<0.001
J45.-Asthma65 (28.1)185 (27.0)0.78ns
K21.-Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease34 (14.7)101 (14.7)0.78ns
M06.-Other chronic polyarthritis6 (2.6)17 (2.5)1.0ns
I25.-Coronary heart disease36 (15.6)105 (15.3)0.77ns
I50.-Heart failure27 (11.7)69 (10.1)0.77ns

Data are presented as n (%), unless otherwise stated. COPD: chronic obstructive lung disease; ICD-10 GM: 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (German modification). #: multiple entries are possible. ns: nonsignificant.