Bacille Calmette–Guérin strategies in Norway from 1948 to today

Until 20092009–20182018 onwards
Youth (12–14 years of age)#Obligatory 1948–1994
Voluntary 1995–2009
Not recommendedNot recommended
Infants with parents from highly endemic countriesRecommended (since 1970s)RecommendedRecommended
Unvaccinated health personnel aged <35 years#Required by most employersRecommendedSelect groups only
Unvaccinated travellers to highly endemic countries aged <35 yearsRecommendedRecommendedRecommended

#: in the early period of obligatory vaccination, all unvaccinated tuberculin-negative persons up to 40–50 years, including health personnel, were also targeted. : previously unvaccinated healthcare personnel and students <35 years of age with work involving care for adult patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in hospitals or culture of mycobacteria in laboratories.