Logistic regression univariate analysis of predictors of obstructive sleep apnoea treatment success at the final visit (median time 373 days)

OR (95% CI)p-value
Age (baseline) years1.04 (1.01–1.08)0.01
Sex (female versus male)2.62 (0.88–7.78)0.08
BMI (baseline) kg·m20.91 (0.83–0.99)0.03
AHI (baseline) events·h−11.00 (0.98–1.03)0.88
Therapy hours per week at post-titration visit1.04 (0.99–1.67)0.25
Therapy hours per week at final visit1.02 (0.99–1.04)0.22
Bilateral protrusion versus right protrusion2.08 (0.96–4.51)0.37
Other versus right protrusion2.03 (0.50–8.21)0.61

A multivariable model was fit with stepwise selection used to reduce the model to retain only significant parameters (age and body mass index (BMI)) and only age was retained. AHI: apnoea/hypopnoea index.