European Respiratory Society 2-min advocacy

TobaccoEffective implementation of the EU Tobacco Products Directive
Regulation of new tobacco products along with continued support for proven smoking cessation programmes
EnvironmentAir quality legislation that sets pollutant limits based on the latest proven scientific evidence on adverse health effects and recognises the co-benefits in tackling climate change
Chronic diseasesA structured, coordinated and funded approach to tackling NCDs including concrete public health measures based on the WHO “best buys” for risk factor prevention
Infectious diseasesAn integrated and comprehensive EU framework to improve TB prevention, treatment and care, and the allocation of adequate funding to research, in particular on multidrug-resistant TB and extensively resistant TB
Research frameworkA broad research funding programme with a better convergence between research and clinical needs while keeping a long-term perspective on biomedical research

EU: European Union; NCD: noncommunicable disease; WHO: World Health Organization; TB: tuberculosis.