Distribution of annual average exposure concentrations for time windows of exposure and short-term exposures, for the cross-sectional analyses population (n=721)

Time windowMinimumMaximumMedianMean±sdIQR75th percentile
 NO2 µg·m−310.344.421.521.3±5.57.424.8
 PM2.5 absorbance 10−5·m−±
 PM2.5 µg·m−314.919.416.416.2±
 PM10 µg·m−323.728.624.424.6±0.70.924.8
 PMcoarse µg·m−37.511.18.18.2±
Primary school
 NO2 µg·m−310.344.420.920.7±5.27.624.3
 PM2.5 absorbance 10−5·m−±
 PM2.5 µg·m−314.919.416.416.2±
 PM10 µg·m−323.728.524.324.5±0.70.824.8
 PMcoarse µg·m−37.510.77.98.1±
Secondary school
 NO2 µg·m−310.344.420.920.6±5.37.924.3
 PM2.5 absorbance 10−5·m−±
 PM2.5 µg·m−314.818.716.416.2±
 PM10 µg·m−323.727.724.324.5±0.70.824.7
 PMcoarse µg·m−37.510.77.98.1±
Short term exposures#

IQR: interquartile range; NO2: nitrogen dioxide; PMx: particles with a 50% cut-off aerodynamic diameter of x µm; PMcoarse: particles with a 50% cut-off aerodynamic diameter of 2.5–10 µm. #: average concentrations for the 7 days preceding the 16-year lung function measurement.