Mean±sd, factor loadings and the percentage of participants responding “very difficult” or “very, very difficult” to each of the 16 items of the Severe Asthma Questionnaire

ItemMean±sd#Patients responding “very difficult” or “very, very difficult” %Factor loading
1. My social life. For example, visiting friends, walking with friends, talking with friends, going to bars/restaurants, and parties.4.11±1.9425.20.88
2. My personal life. For example, washing, dressing, looking after myself, love life.4.98±1.9815.00.81
3. My leisure activities. For example, walking for pleasure, sports, exercise, travelling, taking vacations.3.54±1.9537.50.84
4. My jobs around the house. For example, housework, shopping, home maintenance, gardening.3.96±1.9227.20.88
5. My work or education. For example, missing days, can't do all I want to do.4.78±2.6425.70.6
6. My family life – how it affects me. For example, caring for children, family responsibilities.4.59±219.60.87
7. My family life – how it affects others. For example, others taking time off work, problems with childcare, family members becoming upset.4.74±
8. Depression. For example, feeling sad, fed up, blue.4.05±1.9829.00.81
9. Irritable. For example, snap at people, get angrier than I should.4.06±1.9927.80.77
10. Anxiety in general. For example, worry about things, always on edge.4.03±
11. Worry that asthma may get worse. For example, medicines no longer help, more frequent attacks.3.7±2.0439.20.71
12. Worry about long-term side effects of medicines. For example, worry about cataracts, diabetes, bone fracture.3.92±2.1233.80.66
13. Getting tired. For example, feeling tired for no reason, waking in the morning feeling tired.3.16±1.943.30.79
14. Problems at night. For example, difficulty going to sleep, being woken very easily, waking often at night.3.5±1.9939.20.79
15. The way I look. For example, my weight, my skin bruises easily, using medicines in public, other people judging me3.65±2.1739.90.68
16. Problems with food. For example, I find I get very hungry, I just can't stop eating, stomach problems (e.g. pain, bloating, etc.)4.27±2.0726.80.67

#: interpretation of mean in relation to quality of life, 1=very, very difficult (worst possible); 2=very difficult; 3=difficult; 4=moderately difficult; 5=slightly difficult; 6=very slightly difficult (just noticeable); 7=no problem.