Demographic and clinical statistics of the sample

Age years51.1–88.567.4±7.5
Education years4.0–23.013.3±3.2
Body mass index kg·m−215.7–64.427.8±6.8
Mini-Mental State Examination total score24.0–30.028.6±1.6
Geriatric Depression Scale total score0.0–15.04.1±3.6
Cumulative Illness Rating Scale total score0.0–17.04.8±3.8
Alcohol consumption drinks per week0.0–35.04.7±6.8
Epworth Sleepiness Scale total score0.0–19.07.6±4.4
Apnoea–hypopnoea index events·h−10.0–111.018.7±20.2
Oxygen desaturation index events·h−10.0–109.715.1±19.1
Lowest oxygen saturation %71.0–97.085.6±6.1
Oxygen saturation <90% %TST0.0–46.14.4±8.2
Sleep efficiency %37.4–96.075.7±12.1
Awakening index events·h−11.8–49.46.6±6.8
Arousal index events·h−15.4–78.919.8±14.7

Data are presented as range or mean±sd. n=83. %TST: percentage of total sleep time.