Key indicators and data on tuberculosis (TB)/HIV in the Netherlands in 2016

TB patients notified8895.2 per 100 000
Newly diagnosed individuals with HIV, projected8164.8 per 100 000
Estimated individuals with HIV22 900
Cumulative individuals with HIV diagnosed and linked to care20 26494%
Cumulative individuals with HIV retained in care19 13684%
Individuals with HIV on antiretroviral therapy18 59981%
TB patients with known HIV status62070%
TB patients co-infected with HIV212.4%
HIV/TB patients on antiretroviral therapy15#71%
Eligible individuals with HIV screened for latent TB infectionUnder studyUnder study
Eligible individuals with HIV diagnosed with latent TB infectionUnder studyUnder study

#: in three patients, this information was unknown [3, 4].