Description of the Study on the influence of Air pollution on Lung function, Inflammation and Aging (SALIA) population at baseline and at follow-up

CharacteristicBaseline (1985–1994)Follow-up (2007–2010)
Age years54.3±0.873.3±3.4
BMI kg·m−226.6±4.027.3±4.5
Height cm162.5±5.5163.1±5.9
Educational level#
 <10 years92 (17.7)92 (17.7)
 10 years246 (47.3)246 (47.3)
 >10 years182 (35.0)182 (35.0)
 Active smoker56 (10.8)17 (3.3)
 Ex-smoker54 (10.4)88 (16.9)
 Never smoker410 (78.8)415 (79.8)
Second-hand smoke245 (47.1)312 (60.0)
Residential area
 Urban230 (44.2)230 (44.2)
 Rural290 (55.8)290 (55.8)
APOE-ε4 carrier,+151 (29.0)
Ever sport activity222 (42.7)
Depression scale >2218 (3.5)
GLI z-score for FEV1−0.2±1.00.2±1.0
GLI z-score for FVC0.0±0.90.3±0.9
GLI z-score for FEV1/FVC−0.4±0.8−0.2±0.8
Average§ GLI z-score for FEV10.0±0.9
Average§ GLI z-score for FVC0.1±0.8
Average§ GLI z-score for FEV1/FVC−0.3±0.7

Data are presented as n (%) or mean±sd. The total number of subjects is 520. BMI: body mass index; GLI: Global Lung Initiative; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; VCP: visuo-construction performance (z-score of subtest “figure copying”). #: only assessed at baseline investigation; : only assessed at follow-up investigation; +: carrier of at least one ε4 allele; §: averaged between the lung function measurements at baseline investigation and follow-up investigation.