Multivariable mixed effect model with use of cut-off values

Change in pbFEV1 mL per year#p-value
BMI ≤23.05 kg·m−2−56.800.002
FeNO ≥57 ppb−37.780.015
Blood eosinophils ≥0.39×109·L−1−24.590.234
Female sex12.690.272
Sputum eosinophils ≥6.6%19.170.564
Presence of nasal polyps (yes)−10.130.609

Significant p-values are shown in bold. pbFEV1: post-bronchodilator forced expiratory volume in 1 s; BMI: body mass index; FeNO: fraction of exhaled nitric oxide. #: change in pbFEV1 in mL per year, per increase in variable.