Univariable mixed effect model

Change in pbFEV1 mL per year#p-value
FeNO ppb−0.60<0.001
BMI kg·m−22.960.011
Presence of nasal polyps (yes)−33.240.023
Sputum eosinophils %−1.350.022
Blood eosinophils ×109·L−1−32.980.044
Female sex20.890.084
Current/ex-smoker (yes)−18.980.126
Age years−0.650.128
ACQ6 score10.830.129
GINA severity score[16]8.310.194
Pack-years n−0.600.210
No ICS use−20.630.214
Exacerbations in previous year n−4.820.300
Neutrophils ×109·L−14.340.340
Presence of atopy (yes)−9.460.440
Airway hyperresponsiveness mg·mL−10.1640.772
ICS dose, fluticasone equivalent μg0.0040.811

Significant p-values are shown in bold. pbFEV1: post-bronchodilator forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FeNO: fraction of exhaled nitric oxide; BMI: body mass index; ACQ: Asthma Control Questionnaire; GINA: Global Initiative for Asthma; ICS: inhaled corticosteroids. #: change in pbFEV1 in mL per year, per increase in variable; : reported daily dose.