Patient characteristics at baseline

CharacteristicsLWWCOPD groupICE COLD ERIC group (control)
Subjects n71396
Age years69.3±10.367.1±10.0
Male28 (39.4%)225 (56.8%)
CRQ mastery5.2±1.35.5±1.2
CRQ dyspnoea4.6±1.24.7±1.6
CRQ emotion4.9±1.25.1±1.2
CRQ fatigue4.6±1.24.4±1.4
Acute exacerbation of COPD in previous year51 (71.8%)88 (22.2%)
Smoking29 (40.9%)164 (41.4%)
Smoking history pack-years47.8±32.944.5±27.8
FEV1 %52.4±17.655.9±16.5
 Cardiovascular29 (40.8%)115 (29.9%)
 Diabetes8 (11.2%)57 (14.8%)
 Depression14 (19.7%)23 (6.0%)
LABA/ICS62 (87.3%)260 (65.7%)
Exercise programme20 (28.2%)112 (28.3%)
Pulmonary rehabilitation in the previous year1 (1.4%)6 (1.5%)

Data presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise indicated. COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; LWWCOPD: Living well with COPD; ICE COLD ERIC: International collaborative effort on chronic obstructive lung disease-exacerbation risk index cohorts; CRQ: Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; LABA/ICS: long-acting beta agonists/inhaled corticosteroids.