Model characteristics for lung cancer discrimination

LC versus HCLC versus AExLC versus BLDAEx versus ARDAEx versus BLDARD versus BLD
Subjects n56 versus 5256 versus 5956 versus 7059 versus 4159 versus 7041 versus 70
Sensitivity %76.8 (64.5–86.4)89.3 (79.1–95.5)64.3 (51.2–76.0)82.9 (69.2–92.2)88.6 (79.5–94.5)88.6 (79.5–94.5)
Specificity %65.4 (51.8–77.3)89.8 (80.1–95.8)77.1 (66.3–85.8)35.6 (24.2–48.4)91.5 (82.3–96.8)78.0 (63.6–88.7)
PPV %70.5 (58.2–80.9)89.3 (79.1–95.5)69.2 (55.8–80.6)47.2 (36.0–58.7)92.5 (84.3–97.2)87.3 (78.1–93.6)
NPV %72.3 (58.4–83.7)89.8 (80.1–95.8)73.0 (62.1–82.1)75.0 (56.7–88.3)87.1 (77.0–93.8)80.0 (65.6–90.2)
Accuracy %71.3 (62.3–79.2)89.6 (83.0–94.2)71.4 (63.1–78.8)55.0 (45.2–64.5)89.9 (83.8–94.3)84.7 (77.1–90.5)
AUCROC0.752 (0.659–0.839)#0.936 (0.884–0.976)#0.724 (0.630–0.813)#0.522 (0.366–0.591)0.957 (0.917–0.988)#0.855 (0.766–0.930)#
VOCsP4, P7, P8, P10, P23, P28, P43, P55, P59, P76, P83, P107, P112, P115, P116, P118, P131, P136, P151, P163, P167, P184, P191, P215, P220, P223, P224, P226, P239, P244P0, P1, P3, P14, P21, P26, P43, P61, P65, P66, P72, P84, P88, P90, P101, P112, P114, P115, P116, P118, P129, P136, P141, P158, P176, P180, P181, P187, P199, P203, P205, P216, P227, P229, P230, P231, P233, P244P0, P1, P42, P44, P107, P125, P126, P127, P168, P170, P233P1, P3, P20, P23, P26, P34, P37, P44, P66, P69, P70, P80, P83, P84, P90, P92, P99, P101, P103, P120, P123, P126, P134, P137, P144, P166, P169, P170, P180, P183, P184, P190, P192, P199, P201, P203, P223, P226, P234, P237, P244P1, P3, P21, P42, P50, P84, P87, P88, P97, P101, P104, P128, P130, P132, P150, P171, P179, P213, P216, P217, P226, P230, P233P21, P25, P42, P87, P88, P101, P110, P132, P136, P153, P198, P199, P212, P221, P243, P247

Data are presented with 95% CI in parentheses. AEx: asymptomatic former asbestos-exposed controls; ARD: patients with benign asbestos-related diseases; HC: healthy controls; LC: patients with primary lung cancer; BLD: patients with benign non-asbestos-related lung diseases; NPV: negative predictive value; PPV: positive predictive value; AUCROC: area under the receiver operator characteristic curve; VOC: volatile organic compound. #: AUCROC significantly different from 0.5; : >50% of times selected (VOCs in bold are selected in >80% of folds).