Demographic and clinical characteristics of study patients at baseline

Sleepy OSANo OSAp-value
Subjects n155112
Age years62.6±7.361.5±9.60.287
AHI events·h−132.1±16.23.0±1.3<0.001
ODI events·h−121.0±16.61.6±1.3<0.001
ESS score12.2±2.65.7±2.9<0.001
BMI kg·m−229.7±4.425.6±3.0<0.001
LVEF %57.7±8.258.2±7.30.479
Current smoker17.425.90.093
Pulmonary disease9.713.40.343
Acute MI at baseline49.058.90.110
Three-vessel disease21.610.90.024
CABG at baseline25.816.10.057
Previous PCI or CABG20.016.10.413
Diabetes mellitus25.213.40.018
β-Blocker use91.479.60.006
Diuretic use21.79.30.008
CCB use21.112.00.058
ACE inhibitor use37.539.80.705
ARB use15.86.50.022
Anticoagulant use#99.4100.00.401
Lipid-lowering agent use95.490.70.126

Data are presented as mean±sd or %, unless otherwise stated. OSA: obstructive sleep apnoea; AHI: apnoea–hypopnoea index; ODI: oxygen desaturation index; ESS: Epworth Sleepiness Scale; BMI: body mass index; LVEF: left ventricular ejection fraction; MI: myocardial infarction; CABG: coronary artery bypass grafting; PCI: percutaneous coronary intervention; CCB: calcium channel blocker; ACE: angiotensin converting enzyme; ARB: angiotensin II receptor blocker. #: aspirin and/or clopidogrel and/or warfarin.