Comparison of changes in lung function and nutritional outcomes over time in infants with cystic fibrosis (CF) and healthy controls (HC) during the second year of life

CFHCDifference (95% CI) CFHC
Test interval, weeks42.2±7.842.8±8.2−0.6 (−4.1–2.8)
ΔzHeight−0.04±0.47−0.05±0.540.01 (−0.2–0.22)
ΔzWeight−0.08±0.46−0.05±0.43−0.03 (−0.22–0.16)
ΔzBMI−0.10±0.61−0.06±0.78−0.05 (−0.34–0.24)
ΔzLCI0.00±1.37−0.15±0.830.15 (−0.39–0.69)
ΔzFRCpleth0.02±1.130.01±1.100.01 (−0.5–0.52)
ΔzFEV0.50.19±1.03−0.20±1.190.39 (−0.12–0.90)

Data are presented as the mean±sd change in z-score (Δz) for each outcome, between testing at ∼1 year and ∼2 years, unless otherwise stated. For numbers of subjects with each outcome, see online supplementary table E2. Similar comparisons of changes between 3 months and 1 year, and 3 months and 2 years are shown in online supplementary table E5. BMI: body mass index; LCI: lung clearance index; FRCpleth: plethysmographic functional residual capacity; FEV0.5: forced expiratory volume in 0.5 s.