Public messaging content on severe asthma suggested by interviewees

Messages for first responders
 Inform about quick deterioration in severe asthma
 Advise about first aid, e.g. sit calmly with the patient for a bit, help them with what they need (e.g. assist with their inhaler), call an ambulance (check first with patient if possible)
 People with severe asthma may need help to decide when to go to hospital
Messages for people with severe asthma
 It's not normal to be symptomatic – see your GP
 You should have a plan from your doctor of what to do when symptoms worsen
 Never ignore your symptoms – accept them and know you can take steps to make it okay
Messages for the general public
 Bring people's attention to how debilitating severe asthma is
 Severe asthma is not fixed with a blue puffer
 Severe asthma has long-term consequences and its treatment can have added complications (e.g. heart irregularity/hip problems)

Sources suggested by participants included social media, television and print media.