Participant demographics

Age years54 (23–81)
Smoking status current/past/none0/64/36
Living alone or with children/with partner or other adult20/80
Living in a socially disadvantaged area48
Living in a regional location, outside a major city+16
Age asthma diagnosed years17 (1–50)
Daily prescribed inhaled corticosteroid dose µg§1600 (1200, 2400)
 Also prescribed omalizumab32
Asthma Control Test scoreƒ16 (12, 19)
One or more hospital admissions in last 12 months36

Data are presented as n, median (range), % or median (upper, lower quartile). #: living in state: New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory 44%, Victoria 20%, Queensland 12%, South Australia 8%, Western Australia 8%, Tasmania 8% (32% AustralAsian Severe Asthma Network-referred); : socioeconomic indices for area quintile ≤3 [26]; +: only 10% of Australians live outside major cities [27]; §: beclomethasone dipropionate equivalent; ƒ: Asthma Control Test scores reflect asthma symptom control over the previous 4 weeks, classified as: 5–15=very poorly controlled, 16–19=not well controlled and 20–25=well controlled [14] (the range of scores in this sample was 7–23; all participants satisfied the European Respiratory Society/American Thoracic Society Task Force criteria for severe refractory asthma [1]).