Comparison of predicted values for individuals using available transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide (TLCO) reference values

First author, year [reference]TLCO mmol·min−1·kPa−1
178-cm, 64-year-old male178-cm, 20-year-old male150-cm, 10-year-old male
GLI, 20179.210.96.4
Crapo, 1981 [16]11.314.5
Miller, 1983 [19]9.212.6
Roca, 1990 [17]10.313.3
Gutierrez, 2004 [28]8.310.5
Thompson, 2008 [26]9.310.8
Koopman, 2011 [22]6.4
Kim, 2012 [23]6.0

The list of equations is not meant to be comprehensive, rather it provides a range of differences that might be expected. GLI: Global Lung Function Initiative.