Participant selection

Years of enrolment2005–20112008–20112008–20102013–20152014–2016
Cases of MDR-TB confirmed in centres during study period52723797316102
 MDR-TB confirmed  and did not initiate  short regimen29 (5.5)87 (36.7)32 (33.0)199 (63.0)26 (25.5)
 Prior treatment with  second-line drugs18NR1948NA
 Baseline resistance2 (XDR)NR023 (ofloxacin resistance); 16 (dual-injectable resistance)1 (XDR)
 Lost before initiationNR500213
 Died before  initiationNR13952
 Other/not specified92448620
 MDR-TB confirmed  and initiated short  regimen but  excluded from  analysis5 (1.0)0053 (16.7)52 (51.0)
 Treatment ongoing/  ended within  1 year of data  provision0003947
 Baseline resistance  identified after  treatment initiation  and regimen  subsequently  changed2 (XDR)003 (XDR); 8 (dual-injectable resistance); 1 (ofloxacin resistance)1 (XDR)
 Other/not specified30024
Confirmed MDR-TB treated with short regimen and analysed493 (93.5)#150 (63.3)#65 (67.0)#64 (20.3)24 (23.5)

Data are presented as n or n (%), unless otherwise stated. MDR: multidrug-resistant; TB: tuberculosis; NR: not reported; NA; not applicable; XDR: extensively drug-resistant. #: isoniazid and rifampin resistance confirmed in all patients; : includes participants with rifampin-resistant TB in whom drug susceptibility test to isoniazid not performed (Uzbekistan, n=7; Swaziland, n=6), but excludes participants with confirmed rifampin resistance and confirmed susceptibility to isoniazid (Uzbekistan, n=5; Swaziland, n=8).