Comparison of pooled multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) treatment outcomes from a meta-analysis of studies of short regimens to pooled outcomes from a meta-analysis of older MDR-TB studies and to outcomes pooled from programmatic data reported by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Meta-analysis of short regimensMeta-analysis of older studies#Programmatic data
Subjects n796915386 936
Treatment success %835452
Failure/relapse %389
Death %61517
Loss to follow-up or no outcome data %52322

#: the meta-analysis of older MDR-TB studies [2] pooled outcomes from cohorts whose participants and treatment differed in many aspects, e.g. history of prior exposure to second-line drugs, baseline drug resistance, use of individualised versus standardised regimens, number and selection of drugs, and the duration of intensive and continuation phases (this older meta-analysis also included 603 patients treated with the short regimen in the Bangladesh cohort, some of whom were included in the present meta-analysis of shorter regimens); : MDR-TB cohorts started on treatment in 2013, reported to the WHO as part of aggregated reporting by countries worldwide [1].