Baseline patient characteristics

Subjects n25
Age years73.6±7.5
Male sex21 (84)
Smoking status
 Never8 (32)
 Former17 (68)
FVC absolute L2.7±0.69
FVC % pred68±15
FEV1 absolute L2.2±0.55
FEV1 % pred76±16
FEV1/FVC ratio0.81±0.06
UCSD-SOBQ score36.3±29.5
VAS score2.76±2.18
Surgical lung biopsy10 (40)
Weeks enrolled33.0±9.1
Change in FVC over 24 weeks L−0.1±0.11
Change in FVC over 40 weeks L−0.17±0.18
Change in UCSD-SOBQ over 24 weeks0.18±13
Change in UCSD-SOBQ over 40 weeks0.30±22
Change in VAS over 24 weeks0.65±0.96
Change in VAS over 40 weeks1.1±1.6

Data are presented as mean±sd or n (%), unless otherwise stated. FVC: forced vital capacity; % pred: % predicted; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; UCSD-SOBQ: University of California, San Diego Shortness of Breath Questionnaire; VAS: visual analogue scale.