Factors associated with death at 90 days in the univariate analysis

OR95% CIp-value
Age years1.040.97–1.110.309
BMI <18.5 kg·m−23.511.38–8.930.008
Received long-term oxygen therapy1.580.30–8.190.586
PO2 kPa0.870.59–1.290.481
PCO2 kPa0.800.39–1.690.555
FEV1 L0.160.21–1.170.071
FVC L0.330.16–0.680.003
TLC L0.990.96–1.010.325
RV % pred0.990.99–1.010.895
RV/TLC ratio % pred1.071.01–1.130.026
TLCO (<20%)13.223.07–56.90.001
TLCO (20–39%)2.890.77–10.90.116

Significant variables are shown in bold. Odds ratios are per unit increase for continuous variables. For categorical variables, the group for which the odds ratio is shown is described. BMI: body mass index; PO2: partial pressure of oxygen; PCO2: partial pressure of carbon dioxide; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; TLC: total lung capacity; RV: residual volume; % pred: % predicted; TLCO: transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide.