Diffusing capacity and biomarkers in the obstructive asthma and asthma–COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS) groups

Obstructive asthma <10 pack-years and FEV1/FVC <0.7ACOS: ≥10 pack-years FEV1/FVC <0.7p-value
Subjects n1934
DLCO % pred103±2485±230.011
DLCO/VA % pred100±1786±220.018
Blood neutrophils ×109 L−13.68±1.334.54±1.370.033
Blood eosinophils ×109 L−10.16 (0.08–0.20)0.19 (0.10–0.29)0.217
IgE kU·L−177 (29–198)59 (20–140)0.399
FeNO ppb11 (5–24)10 (5–15)0.524
hsCRP mg·L−10.94 (0.49–1.57)0.93 (0.59–3.04)0.475
IL-6 pg·mL−11.64 (1.12–2.21)2.88 (1.88–4.99)0.001

Data are shown as mean±sd, or median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. Statistically significant p-values are presented in bold. FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; DLCO: diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide; VA: alveolar volume; IgE: immunoglobulin E; FeNO: exhaled nitric oxide; hsCRP: high-sensitivity C-reactive protein; IL-6: interleukin 6.