Dose adjustments of lung cancer main chemotherapies in case of renal dysfunction

AgentGlomerular filtration rate mL·min−1Dosage
Carboplatin>60AUC5 or AUC6 every 3 weeks
<60Adjust using the Calvert or Chatelut formula
Cisplatin>6075 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks
<60Not recommended
Pemetrexed>60500 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks
45–60500 mg·m−2 every 3 weeks
<45Not recommended
Etoposide>60100–120 mg·m−2·dL–3 every 3 weeks
15–6075 mg·m−2·dL–3 every 3 weeks
<15 or haemodialysis50 mg·m−2·dL–3 every 3 weeks
Topotecan>601.5 mg·m−2·dL–3 every 3 weeks
30–601.5 mg·m−2·dL–3 every 3 weeks
15–300.75 mg·m−2·dL–3 every 3 weeks
<20 or haemodialysisNot recommended
Gefitinib>60250 mg·day−1
20–60 mL·min−1250 mg·day−1
<20 mL·min−1 or haemodialysisNot recommended
Erlotinib>60 mL·min−1150 mg·day−1
15–60 mL·min−1150 mg·day−1
<15 mL·min−1 or haemodialysisNot recommended
Crizotinib>60250 mg twice daily
30–60250 mg twice daily
<30 or haemodialysis250 mg·day−1
Afatinib>6040 mg·day−1
30–6040 mg·day−1
<30 or haemodialysisNot recommended
  • AUC: area under curve.