Baseline phenotypic and genotypic resistance patterns of the isolated strains

Antibiotic (gene)Phenotypic resistanceGenotypic resistance
Rifampicin (rpoB)45/45 (100)45/45 (100)
Isoniazid (inhA promoter, katG)45/45 (100)45/45 (100)
Pyrazinamide (pncA)17/19 (89.5)32/45 (71.1)
Ethambutol (embB)33/44 (75.0)18/45 (40.0)
Streptomycin41/45 (91.1)ND
Amikacin (rrs)14/45 (31.1)12/45 (26.7)
Kanamycin (rrs)28/45 (62.2)12/45 (26.7)
Capreomycin (rrs)17/45 (37.8)12/45 (26.7)
Ofloxacin (gyrA, gyrB)35/45 (77.8)33/45 (73.3)
Moxifloxacin# (gyrA, gyrB)24/45 (53.3)33/45 (73.3)
Ethionamide (inhA promoter, ethA, ethR)38/44 (86.4)38/44 (86.4)
p-Aminosalicylic acid14/45 (31.1)ND
Cycloserine24/45 (54.5)ND
  • Data are presented as n resistant strains/n tested strains (%) for each drug. ND: not done. Sequenced genes and promoters are specified for each drug. #: moxifloxacin was tested at 2 mg·L−1 in order to distinguish between low- and high-level resistance; strains that were ofloxacin resistant but moxifloxacin susceptible were considered low-level resistant to moxifloxacin.