Univariate and multivariate Cox proportional hazards models assessing the association of factors with time to culture conversion

Univariate HR (95% CI)p-valueMultivariate HR (95% CI)p-value
Male0.54 (0.24–1.22)0.1590.611
HCV-negative2.64 (1.34–5.19)0.0052.35 (1.14–4.88)0.021
Serum albumin1.11 (1.05–1.18)<0.0011.09 (1.02–1.16)0.010
Body mass index0.407
Absence of lung cavities5.35 (1.70–16.87)0.0144.56 (1.41–14.75)0.011
Bilateral lung involvement0.31 (0.13–0.73)0.0130.270
Sputum smear positive at treatment start0.16 (0.02–1.34)0.1730.524
Treatment with ethambutol0.400
Treatment with pyrazinamide0.52 (0.27–1.02)0.0510.424
Treatment with any second-line injectable0.892
Treatment with any fluoroquinolone1.71 (0.89–3.29)0.1050.334
Treatment with ethionamide2.09 (0.97–4.53)0.0770.051
Standard bedaquiline treatment duration0.39 (0.17–0.89)0.0350.702
  • HR: hazard ratio; HCV: hepatitis C virus.