Comparison of test scores, end-exercise heart rate, dyspnoea and leg fatigue during cycle ergometry, 1-min sit-to-stand (STS) test and 6-min walk test (6MWT) for patients who were assessed by cycle ergometry at baseline

Cycle ergometry1-min STS test6MWT
Test scores#66.0±22.720.2±5.6377.9±94.7
HR beats·min−1122.5±18.9107.0±10.1108.0±14.7
Borg dyspnoea3.7±1.04.6±2.44.8±2.3
Borg leg fatigue3.8±1.13.7±1.82.8±1.8
  • Data are presented as n or mean±sd. 1-min STS test: 1-min sit-to-stand test; 6MWT: 6-min walk test; HR: heart rate. #: cycle ergometry: W, 1-min STS test: repetitions, 6MWT: metres.