Anchor- and distribution-based estimates of the minimal important difference (MID) for the 1-min sit-to-stand (STS) test

Subjects nMID of anchorPatients with change ≥anchor MID n (%)MID estimate (95% CI)
Anchor approach#
 Feeling thermometer46532 (70)3.19 (1.49–4.89)
 TDI44144 (100)2.11 (−0.13–4.34)
Distribution approachesSTAND-UPRIMTCORE
 Cohen's effect size1.802.16
 Empirical rule effect size1.992.07
  • TDI: Transition Dyspnoea Index; SEM: standard error of measurement. #: measures were considered as anchors when the change score correlation with the 1-min STS test was ≥0.3; : MID estimate= α+βanchor×anchor MID.