Disposition of the medical steering committee of the European Reference Network on rare respiratory diseases (ERN-LUNG)

Committee positionCandidate
Patient representativeH. de Keyser, Brussels, Belgium
Patient representativeG. Meszaros, Budapest, Hungary
Network coordinatorT.O.F. Wagner, Frankfurt, Germany
Network vice coordinatorM. Humbert, Paris, France
ILD core network coordinatorF. Bonella, Essen, Germany
CF core network coordinatorK. van der Ent, Utrecht, The Netherlands
PCD core network coordinatorH. Omran, Münster, Germany
PH core network coordinatorM. Humbert, Paris, France
PH core network vice coordinatorN. Galiè, Bologna, Italy
nCF-BE core network coordinatorJ, Chalmers, Dundee, UK
AATD core network coordinatorJ. Stolk, Leiden, The Netherlands
MSTO core network coordinatorJ. Aerts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
CLAD core network coordinatorG. Verleden, Leuven, Belgium
ORLD core network coordinatorA. Clément, Paris, France
Network coordination teamA. Pfalz, Frankfurt, Germany
  • ILD: interstitial lung disease; CF: cystic fibrosis; PCD: primary ciliary dyskinesis; PH: pulmonary hypertension; nonCF-BE: nonCF-bronchiectasis; AATD: α1-antitrypsin deficiency; MSTO: mesothelioma; CLAD: chronic lung allograft dysfunction; ORLD: other rare lung diseases.