Hazard ratio (HR) values for association between treatment (any disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, biological agents and/or glucocorticoids) and individual cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) in 345 patients with sarcoidosis during 1976–2013

HR (95% CI)#p-value
Coronary artery disease1.25 (0.72–2.18)0.43
Congestive heart failure1.58 (0.86–2.90)0.14
Atrial fibrillation0.76 (0.37–1.56)0.46
Cerebrovascular accident0.92 (0.45–1.89)0.83
Transient ischaemic attack0.27 (0.03–2.38)0.24
Peripheral arterial disease2.22 (0.71–6.93)0.17
Abdominal aortic aneurysm0.51 (0.05–5.49)0.58
Any CVD1.25 (0.83–1.90)0.29
  • #: adjusted for age, sex and calendar year of sarcoidosis incidence/index date.