Agreement (% of tidal peak inspiratory flow) between impedance pneumography and pneumotachograph signals at baseline in the four clinical groups of infants

NLF21−5.1 (−14.6–7.6)3.2 (1.1–6.6)4.7 (3.8–7.1)
LAO11−11.1 (−26.6–1.6)5.2 (3.1–9.7)5.6 (3.8–10.6)
UAO8−11.6 (−31.3–4.8)4.7 (2.1–12.3)5.2 (4.1–8.5)
ILD4−7.0 (−20.4–0.45)3.4 (1.1–12.3)5.6 (4.2–7.0)
  • Data are presented as median (range). The agreement was expressed as the sample-by-sample difference (DSS), the average deviation of linearity (DL), and the largest single deviation (Dmax) from linearity. Detailed descriptions of the measures are presented in the supplementary material. #: p-values refer to the Kruskall–Wallis test. NLF: normal lung function; LAO: lower airway obstruction; UAO, upper airway obstruction; ILD: interstitial lung disease.