Definition of the impedance and tidal breathing variables

Rmean (Xmean)Mean resistance (reactance) during total breaths
RmeanE (XmeanE)Mean expiratory resistance (reactance)
RmeanI (XmeanI)Mean inspiratory resistance (reactance)
EFL index#XmeanIXmeanI
ReE (XeE)Resistance (reactance) at end-expiration
ReI (XeI)Resistance (reactance) at end-inspiration
XminMinimum expiratory reactance
AXVArea within the reactance versus volume loops
VmaxEMaximum expiratory flow
VmaxIMaximum inspiratory flow
TEExpiratory time
TtotBreathing period
TPTEFExpiratory time until peak expiratory flow
  • #: defined by Dellacà et al. [12].