Considerations for assessing adversity of clinical or pathological effects

ConsiderationPertinent questions
1. FatalityDoes air pollution exposure lead to an increase of short-term or long-term mortality?
2. Persistence of effectHow persistent over time is the effect? (Generally, chronic effects such as the induction of new disease are given greater weight, although short-term exposures may lead to changes that increase risk for triggering acute adverse events, such as myocardial infarction)
3. Population riskIs there a shift in the population risk distribution of an adverse event?
4. SusceptibilityAre the very young, older adults or individuals with pre-existing health conditions or specific genetic characteristics more likely to be affected?
5. Medical/functional significanceIs there evidence of one or more of the following? 1) severe interference with a normal activity of the affected person or persons; 2) incapacitating illness; 3) permanent injury; 4) progressive dysfunction; 5) reduced quality of life