DLCO reporting requirements

DLCO (unadjusted)Required
DLCO (adjusted for PB)Required
DLCO (LLN and/or z-score)Required
DLCO (predicted)Required
DLCO (adjusted,predicted)Optional (required if any adjustments made-specify adjustments)
DLCO (% of predicted)Required
VA (BTPS)Required
VA (LLN and/or z-score)Required
VA (% of predicted)Optional
KCO (LLN and/or z-score)Required
KCO (predicted)Required
KCO (% of predicted)Required
VI (BTPS)Required
Fowler (anatomic) dead-spaceRequired for RGA systems
TLCsbRequired for RGA systems
Reference values sourceRequired
Test quality gradeRecommended (include % variability in DLCO acceptable manoeuvres)
Operator commentsRequired (number of manoeuvres, number of acceptable manoeuvres)
GraphsRequired (full manoeuvre and exhaled gas concentration versus volume with sample collection indicated for RGA systems)
HbOptional (required if used to adjust DLCO)
COHbOptional (required if used to adjust DLCO)
Alternative calculations (e.g. three-equation DLCO, normalised slope of phase III)Optional
  • BTPS: body temperature, ambient pressure, saturated with water vapour; LLN: lower limit of normal; DLCO: diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide; VA: alveolar volume; KCO: transfer coefficient of the lung for carbon monoxide; PB: barometric pressure; tBH: breath-hold time; VI (BTPS): inspired volume under BTPS conditions; VA (BTPS): alveolar volume under BTPS conditions; TLCsb: single-breath total lung capacity; Hb:¬†haemoglobin; COHb: carboxyhaemoglobin; RGA: rapidly responding gas analyser. #: for DLCO, VA, KCO, tBH, VI, VDanat and TLCsb the average values from the acceptable and repeatable manoeuvres are reported.