Univariate and multivariate Cox analysis exploring the independent association of the studied variables with lung cancer diagnosis in the entire population

p-valueHR95% CI
Univariate analysis
 Age: for each year0.741.000.96–1.04
 Sex: male versus female0.650.840.41–1.75
 Pack–years: for each pack–year0.0011.021.01–1.03
 BMI: for each kg·m−20.030.920.85–0.99
 Emphysema: yes versus no0.0014.112.26–7.47
 COPD: yes versus no0.0014.232.34–7.63
 Telomere length quartiles
  Q1: reference (shortest telomere length)0.001
  Q2 versus Q10.850.900.29–2.79
  Q3 versus Q10.211.860.69–4.98
  Q4 versus Q10.0014.381.79–10.7
Multivariate analysis
 Pack–years: for each pack–year0.0151.011.00–1.02
 Emphysema: yes versus no0.0022.681.42–5.05
 COPD: yes versus no0.0012.961.60–5.49
 Telomere length quartiles
  Q1: reference (shortest telomere length)0.001
  Q2 versus Q10.880.920.29–2.86
  Q3 versus Q10.171.990.74–5.36
  Q4 versus Q10.0033.971.62–9.72
  • HR: hazard ratio; BMI: body mass index; COPD: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; Q: quartile.