Planned/ongoing randomised controlled trials comparing SBRT versus surgery

US POSTLIV trial (NCT01753414)US STABLE-MATES trial (NCT02468024)US Trial Mayo Clinic (NCT01622621)UK SABRTooth trial (NCT02629458)
Surgical study armComplete resection and lymph node dissectionSLRSLRComplete resection
SBRT study arm55 Gy in five fractions54 Gy in three fractions54 Gy in three fractionsVarious dose/fraction schedules
EligibilityLobectomy or pneumonectomy, tumour ≤3 cm“High operative risk” tumour ≤4 cm“High operative risk” peripheral tumour ≤5 cm“High operative risk” peripheral tumour ≤5 cm
Primary end-point2 year loco-regional control3 year OS2 year OSAverage recruitment 3 patients per month
Secondary end-pointsTime to local/distant failure, DFS, OSToxicity, progression-free survivalToxicity, progression-free survival
Target recruitment76 patients258 patients96 patients54 patients
  • SBRT: stereotactic body radiotherapy; SLR: sublobar resection; OS: overall survival; DFS: disease-free survival.