Current randomised controlled trials comparing lobectomy versus sublobar resection

US CALGB 140503 trial (NCT00499330) [26]Japanese trial (JCOG0802/WJOG4607L) [27]
Surgical study arm 1LobectomyLobectomy
Surgical study arm 2Limited resection (anatomical segmentectomy or non-anatomical wedge)Anatomical segmentectomy
EligibilityPeripheral lung nodule ≤2 cm on perioperative CT scan and located in outer third of lung and presumed to be NSCLCPeripheral NSCLC (suspicion) ≤2 cm (proportion max. diameter of tumour to consolidation >0.5)
Primary end-pointDFSOS
Secondary end-pointsOS, LR, systemic recurrence rates, PFT, correlation preoperative PET-CT with outcome, false negative rate for PET if nodal metastases; utility of annual follow-up CTPFT, relapse-free survival, LR, proportion of completion of segmentectomy, LOS, duration chest tube, operation time, blood loss, number of auto-sutures
Target recruitment1297 patients1100 patients
  • CT:  computed tomography; NSCLC:  nonsmall cell lung cancer; DFS:  disease-free survival; OS:  overall survival; LR:  local recurrence; PFT: pulmonary function test; PET: positron emission tomography; LOS: length of stay in hospital.