Prevalence of subjects identified as obstructive by GLI-2012, Nor-2015 (FEV1/FVC<LLN) and FEV1/FVC<0.70) by sex in in the weighted sample (n=50 580) representing all HUNT3 participants, and among these the prevalence of symptoms and diagnosis of obstructive lung disease, and cardiovascular diseases

Self-reported symptoms and diseasesMaleFemale
AllObstructive according toAllObstructive according to
GLI-2012Nor-2015FEV1/FVC <0.70GLI-2012Nor-2015FEV1/FVC <0.70
Subjects n22 49015691658264828 090195416922346
Wheezing or dyspnoea last 12 months11.236.137.329.611.932.037.232.7
Daily cough with phlegm12.130.229.925.
Modified MRC >22.414.415.810.92.613.015.013.4
Use of asthma medication last 5 years9.438.239.129.811.
Use of asthma medication last 12 months7.033.735.325.48.729.334.130.2
Ever asthma11.433.533.426.412.630.533.729.1
Doctor diagnosis of asthma9.431.432.323.711.026.829.226.6
Ever COPD, emphysema or chronic bronchitis3.320.021.615.33.316.820.717.0
Doctor diagnosis of COPD, emphysema or chronic bronchitis2.918.120.813.52.816.219.616.6
Ever myocardial infarction4.
Ever stroke2.
  • Data are presented as %, unless otherwise stated. Global Lung Function Initiative; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; LLN: lower limit of normal; HUNT: Nord-Trøndelag Health Study; MRC: Modified Medical Research Council Dyspnoea Score; COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.