Characteristics of persons randomly selected for spirometry by study site and equipment used in the Hordaland County Cohort Study (HCCS), the Tromsø Study and the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT)

Study and yearSubjects n (% female)Age range yearsHeight range cmEquipment
HCCS 1996–97 and 2003–052478 (51.6)26–90145–202Vitalograph S-model#
The Tromsø 6 Study 2007–086437 (57.0)38–87140–193Sensor Medics Vmax Encore
HUNT2 1995–97 and HUNT3 2006–085709 (54.4)20–95143–197Heated pneumotachograph
YoungHUNT1 1995–97, YoungHUNT2 2000–01 and YoungHUNT3 2006–0815 615 (49.4)12–19135–204MasterScope versions 4.15 and 4.25
  • #: although the Vitalograph chart stopped moving after 6 s, the subjects were asked to continue to exhale beyond 6 s to reach their FVC; the highest volume was then registered. : flow measured by a mass flow sensor.