Description of studies published during 1996–2016 on incidence and prevalence of sarcoidosis which included at least 100 cases with individual-level data

Study and yearCountry, sex and raceTime periodIncidencePrevalenceComments
Incident casesIncidence per 100 000 person-yearsPrevalent casesPrevalence per 100 000
Byg et al., 2003 [10]Denmark, men and women, race not reported1980–199455367.2Register-based and nationwide, hospitalisations only
Cozier et al., 2011 [34]USA, women, African-Americans1995–2007435716851160Black Women's Health Study, self-reported sarcoidosis with medical record review
Cragin et al., 2009 [35]USA, men and women, race not reported2004–200545966.1Insurance billing data from five major health insurers in Vermont
Deubelbeiss et al., 2010 [11]Switzerland, men and women, race not reported2002–200529257121Register-based and nationwide, hospitalisations, biopsies, outpatient visits for a subset
Dumas et al., 2016 [36]USA, women, multiracial1989–2011261Overall: 11; black: 43; white: 11116Overall: 100; black: 519; white: 92Nurses’ Health Study, self-reported sarcoidosis
Erdal et al., 2012 [5]USA, men and women, multiracial1995–2010375848–200Electronic medical records from Ohio State University Medical Center
Gorham et al., 2004 [37]USA, men, multiracial1975–2001674Black: 24.9; white: 3.5Navy personnel, hospitalisations only
Gribbin et al., 2006 [8]UK, men and women, race not reported1991–200310195.0The Health Improvement Network, diagnoses from 255 primary care general practices
Kim, 2001 [14]Korea, men and women, race not reported1992–19993090.13Nationwide survey for biopsy-proven sarcoidosis, hospitalised cases only
Kowalska et al., 2014 [13]Poland, men and women, race not reported2006–201012175.1–7.3Register-based, data from the National Health fund in Katowice, Silesia
Rybicki et al., 1997 [4]USA, men and women, multiracial1990–1994259Black: 35.5; white: 10.9Insurance billing data in Michigan, confirmed by chart review
Thomeer et al., 2001 [9]Belgium, men and women, race not reported1992–1999690.261121.94Respiratory medicine centres (n=20) registered cases by respiratory specialists
Arkema et al., 2016 (present study)Sweden, men and women, race not reported2003–201310 78710.4–14.816 547152–215Register-based and nationwide, hospitalisations and outpatient visits
  • Data are presented as n, unless otherwise stated.