Clinical characteristics of the donors and idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension (IPAH) patients

Age yearsSexmPAP mmHg#Tissues/cells used
IPAH patient 137Female88LCM-PAs, PASMCs
IPAH patient 214Female141LCM-PAs
IPAH patient 320Female81LCM-PAs, PASMCs
IPAH patient 420Female46LCM-PAs
IPAH patient 531Female87LCM-PAs
IPAH patient 639Female31LCM-PAs
IPAH patient 732Female77LCM-PAs
IPAH patient 834Female95LCM-PAs
IPAH patient 951Male50PASMCs
IPAH patient 1038Female102PASMCs
Donor 145FemaleLCM-PAs
Donor 243FemaleLCM-PAs
Donor 340FemaleLCM-PAs
Donor 416MaleLCM-PAs, PASMCs
Donor 518MaleLCM-PAs
Donor 662MaleLCM-PAs
Donor 759MaleLCM-PAs
Donor 849MaleLCM-PAs
Donor 922MalePASMCs
Donor 1042FemalePASMCs
Donor 1160FemalePASMCs
  • Data are presented as n, unless otherwise stated. mPAP: mean pulmonary arterial pressure; LCM-PA: laser-captured microdissected pulmonary artery; PASMC: pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell. #: mPAP data not available for donors.