Spirometric indices of healthy children and children with wheezing disorder calculated from Lille reference equations

HealthyWheezyANOVA p-value
Subjects n92#125
Males43 (46.7)84 (67.2)0.003
Age years4.53±0.754.58±0.880.629
Height-for-age z-score [17]0.52±0.930.18±1.100.013
FVC z-score0.03±0.97−0.10±1.320.442
FEV1 z-score0.04±0.96−0.04±1.090.620
FEV0.75 z-score0.01±0.97−0.79±1.20<10−4
FEV0.5 z-score−0.02±1.00−0.52±1.200.002
FEV1/FVC z-score0.09±0.970.04±1.250.719
FEV0.75/FVC z-score0.08±1.00−1.33±1.71<10−4
FEV0.5/FVC z-score−0.04±0.94−0.74±1.40<10−4
  • Data are presented as n (%) or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. FVC: forced vital capacity; FEVt: forced expiratory volume in t s. #: n=30 3-year-old children, n=31 4-year-old children and n=31 5-year-old children; : n=38 3-year-old children, n=38 4-year-old children and n=49 5-year-old children.