Patient-related outcomes at inclusion

mMRC grade
 PCS score34.4±10.0 (n=252)
 MCS score46.5±11.3 (n=252)
CAT total score
 Low impact14.5
 Medium impact41.3
 High impact31.2
 Very high impact8.0
DIRECT total score14.5±8.3 (n=274)
 Anxiety score
 Depression score
K6 total score+22.4±5.1 (n=270)
Global assessment of handicap§
 Very severe15.6
Global impression of change since inclusion regarding global handicap§
 Very much/much improved10.1
 Minimally improved33.7
 No change26.1
 Minimally worsened5.4
 Very much/much worsened3.3
  • Data are presented as % or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. mMRC: modified Medical Research Council dyspnoea scale; SF-12: 12-item Short-Form Health Survey; PCS: physical composite scale; MCS: mental composite scale; CAT: COPD Assessment Test; DIRECT: Disability Related to COPD Tool; HADS: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; K6: Kessler's 6-question scale for assessment of nonspecific psychological distress. #: higher score=better health status; : range 0–34, higher score=higher level of disability; +: range 6–30, higher score=less severe psychological distress; §: self-evaluated.