Extent of computed tomography findings and pre-consensus interobserver agreement/correlation

Number of cases or extentPre-consensus interobserver agreement/correlation
κ or ρ-valuep-value
Reticular abnormality241 (100.0)0.99<0.001
Extent of reticular abnormality#30.1±8.70.15+0.008
Honeycombing131 (54.4)0.85<0.001
Extent of honeycombing#9.1±11.00.65+<0.001
Extensive ground-glass abnormality21 (8.7)0.20<0.001
Profuse micronodules13 (5.4)0.55<0.001
Discrete cysts0 (0)0.99<0.001
Diffuse mosaic attenuation/air trapping52 (21.6)0.71<0.001
Consolidation3 (1.2)0.66<0.001
Emphysema48 (19.9)0.71<0.001
Craniocaudal distribution0.4<0.001
Lower lung predominance182 (75.5)0.51<0.001
Upper or mid-lung predominance20 (8.3)0.31<0.001
Diffuse distribution39 (16.2)0.29<0.001
Axial distribution0.34<0.001
Peripheral predominance208 (86.3)0.39<0.001
Central/PBV predominance12 (5.0)0.30<0.001
Diffuse distribution21 (8.7)0.29<0.001
  • Data are presented as n (%) or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. PBV: peribronchovascular. #: percentage of lung parenchyma; : κ analysis; +: ρ-value with Spearman's rank correlation.