Factors for the prediction of primary ciliary dyskinesia selected by step-wise logistic regression

Regression coefficientOdds ratio (95% CI)p-valueSimplified regression coefficient tool#
Situs inversus3.5434.48 (11.6–101.8)<0.0014
Gestational age (full term)2.209.06 (2.9–27.4)<0.0012
Neonatal chest symptoms1.916.79 (2.7–16.7)<0.0012
Neonatal unit1.906.70 (2.7–16.3)<0.0012
Congenital cardiac defect1.574.83 (1.1–22.2)0.0432
Rhinitis1.223.40 (1.2–8.9)0.0131
Ear and hearing symptoms0.952.59 (1.2–5.8)0.0211
  • #: regression coefficients of the main model are rounded to the nearest integer.