Summary of the main future directions of the European Respiratory Society (ERS)

1) ERS will maintain its European character but will adhere to activities that will result in its evolution as a global “magnet” leading to international membership and participation in its activities
2) ERS will adopt a simple and affordable membership fee scheme to foster increased membership numbers
3) ERS will launch the Fellowship of the ERS (FERS) programme
4) ERS will support the establishment of a strong world federation of respiratory societies involved in global respiratory health
5) ERS, through its Scientific Committee, will restructure its Assemblies
6) ERS Scientific and Educational Activities (“School”) Councils will develop a joint plan
7) ERS will explore the development of a research agency
8) ERS will re-organise its advocacy strategy centred around the Advocacy Committee and ELF for Patients
9) ERS will tune its corporate business model and will undertake the necessary rationalisation of offices and staff
10) ERS will establish a corporate marketing plan
11) ERS will adjust its governance/information technology/finance and communications operational functions to enable implementation of strategy committee decisions
  • ELF: European Lung Foundation. Reproduced from [1] with permission from the publisher.