Lung function decline from 55 to 68 years of age: information on 392 participants with repeated lung function measurements

Lung function group at 55 years
Subjects n3173243
Initial FEV1 at 55 years L3.52±0.542.81±0.392.55±0.53<0.001
FEV1 decline from 55 to 68 years L0.44±0.310.50±0.360.49±0.660.568
Adjusted# FEV1 decline from 55 to 68 years L (95% CI)0.42 (0.38–0.46)0.58 (0.45–0.71)0.60 (0.48–0.72)0.009
Lung function group at 68 years n
  • Data are presented as mean±sd unless otherwise stated. FR: fixed ratio; LLN: lower limit of normal; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s. #: linear regression models used to adjust FEV1 decline; adjusted for initial FEV1 (at 55 years) and current smokers. p-values for adjusted FEV1 decline: p=0.025, normal versus FR+LLN; p=0.847, FR+LLN versus FR+LLN+; p=0.009, normal versus FR+LLN+.