Reproductive characteristics

CohortNon-asthmaticAsthmaticMean difference (95% CI)HR (95% CI)OR (95% CI)p-value
Menarche age years13.1±1.413.1±1.413.1±1.4−0.01 (−0.38–0.35)0.940
Spontaneous abortions0.51±0.90.52±0.90.49±0.8−0.03 (−0.26–0.20)0.816
TTP median month#
 Total TTP38.632.355.60.50 (0.34–0.74)0.001
 TTP in treatment+20.017.935.60.57 (0.39–0.84)0.004
 TTP from inclusion§10.06.613.50.56 (0.38–0.81)0.002
Successful pregnancy rateƒ %52.260.439.60.43 (0.25–0.73)0.002
Successful pregnancy rate per cycleƒ %13.713.513.90.002 (−0.02–0.02)0.862
Primary infertility n (%)150 (61.2)98 (65.8)52 (54.2)1.63 (0.96–2.75)0.081
Secondary infertility## n (%)95 (38.8)51 (34.2)44 [45.8]
Child, previous fertility treatment¶¶: n/N (%)57/95 (60.0)33/51 (64.7)24/44 (54.5)1.52 (0.67–3.49)0.402
Semen quality++ ×106·mL−129.0±0.3329.0±0.3229.0±0.330.00 (−0.9–0.08)0.994
Semen motility2.3±0.52.2±0.42.3±0.50.06 (0.01–0.24)0.034
  • Data are presented as n or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. Data in bold is statistically significant. #: the results for total time to pregnancy (TTP) in total, in treatment and from inclusion were adjusted for confounders; : total TTP from trying to conceive naturally to successful pregnancy in fertility treatment or stopping treatment; +: TTP treatment from the first until the last treatment cycle in fertility treatment; §: TTP from inclusion in the study until the last treatment cycle in the month; ƒ: successful pregnancy rate and successful pregnancy rate per treatment cycle occurring during the treatment period from December 2011 to December 2014; ##: had a child before participating in the study; ¶¶: conception of first child after fertility treatment, the percentages describe the amount of secondary infertility who had fertility treatment to conceive their first child; ++: after purification (calculated in log).